fix a swim top, swim top changes
Ok, so I feel like a REAL hypocrite.
I totally am when it comes to this, I admit it.
I'm posting something, I haven't even worn yet
or care to lol.

Let me explain...

A few weeks ago sis asked what the kiddos and I had planned on a certain day.
Nothing at the top of my head came up, so I naively said, "nothing".

This is the one time I wish I had something for us to do haha
See, she's a fish out of water and not in the awkward, out of place sense.
I mean she loves the water;
loves to go to the ocean,
You name it.

I LOVE to look at and listen to the water.
I mean look at it, it's gorgeous.
It's places like that, that remind me how awesome God is.
It's so peaceful and explains why I LOVE those colors so much.

I wish I was more like her.
I'm just not as comfortable in my own skin,
let alone being in something that is like second skin
AND expected to be wet.

Um, I'll skip thank you.

It's not like I've never been in a swimsuit or swimming,
but its been YEARS, 
before kids,
and well, things have changed.

Here's proof of that
and a nod to TBT :)
Me and my momma at Lake of the Springs,
  Thousand Trails

Maybe that will change too.
For now, it's where I am.
Anyway, back to the plans.
She had plans to take the kiddos she nanny's for, to a water park
and was inviting us to go along.
We've done different activities together over the years, so it was no biggie.
The kiddos are super close in age and get along wonderfully.

When I found out she EXPECTED me to get in
and not just watch
I freaked, internally.
My excuse: sorry, I got no swimsuit.
That wasn't enough because we went to Target immediately.
Swim top has lined cups and adjustable straps.
We searched through all the clearance,
 there's no way I was paying full price for something I despised having to shop for,
try on and then wear.

Of course most tops were pretty low cut or not as modest as I'd like.
I found this navy & polka dot one and figured I could easily adjust the neckline
and give myself some peace of mind. 

I took one of my daughter's outgrown tanks
 that matched the clearanced workout shorts I found, perfectly.

I tried on the top, found where I wanted the neckline to begin,
pinned temporarily and then measured the width and length from that point.

As a rough start I cut the length and width I measured
by folding over half the width, pinning and then cutting.
ei: width=8in fold over 4in.
Tip: To get a thicker piece 
cut the shirt with both layers intact.

I placed the hem upward, pinned and trimmed excess 
but left about 1/2 inch for stitching.

Front view with pinning.

I ran out of my blue thread so used black on top and left my white in the bobbin
(lower portion of machine contains a second thread)
You could sew by hand as well.
Stitching complete and a bit more cut.
It looks a bit like underwear but lets just ignore that lol

That's it!

I repurposed an old tank and made myself something
I COULD wear,
if I ever choose need to.

The reason I didn't have to wear this?

Weird weather changes.
An expected warm day became an overcast, sprinkly one!

Thank you Lord.



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