Here's a super simple, fun and inexpensive form of art, 
you get to create to your heart's content!

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A couple of months ago I mentioned how I was working on personalizing our home.
I was able to create some of my own art
using PicMonkey,
including this "Birds of a feather flock together".

Below you'll see how simple it is
and the many possibilities for this or anything you'd like to create.

ONLY catch is, it can't be for sale
JUST personal use.

Ok, phew, I warned you,
I don't want the "Monkey" people after me hahaha.
But for reals, it's all here

Now that we got through that,
lets get to the fun stuff.

Begin by choosing wallpapers that are free to use like here
and save to your computer.

Use a free editing site like PicMonkey

Click Edit a photo. 
Upload your wallpaper/background, *adjust sizing, layout: horizontal/vertical, 
pick a font, a color or a variety of both and different sizes. 

Add overlays, in this case birds

Choose your bird(s), colors and size.
Another cool feature for wording and overlays 
is the option to rotate either slightly or a lot more
and to reverse the image.

I chose a few fonts, all in black
and a soaring bird which I filled in.
I really just wanted to have the silhouette of the birds
 and that provided it nicely. 

I then multiplied the birds to represent each one of us.

The more difficult part comes next.


It's been 4 months since I made this

and can't remember for the life of me IF I cropped the size
before I added everything or after.
I wish I knew for sure!

//I'm currently making something using both methods. I'll update as soon as I know//

Thanks to a little research,
 found out the proper method of cropping!
I made myself something new too lol
AFTER uploading background
click on "crop", "scale photo" and enter desired size
-sizing here-
Move crop box to desired area, chose layout and "apply"
CONTINUE with the rest of the instructions above, 
then return to the section below.

After making your art, save to your computer
and then upload it to a printing service like 
                                  Sam's - need membership
Or any other photo service.

I love Sam's mainly because I can pick them up during my shopping trips,
it's local and I don't need to worry about shipping or distance,
they are super inexpensive
and have 1 hour photo available.

//Use caution with Sam's, as their cropping is a little funky.//
 I've had issues in the past where my perfectly framed photo
gets cropped and the frame isn't visible all around :(
The new changes takes care of my issues with Sam's Club cropping!

LAST step, frame in a Dollar Tree frame or
anything you  have


Yes, another month has passed!

No teeth yet but lots of gnawing of toys, burp rag or anything he can grab 
No crawling either but definitely on the verge.
He's currently a dragger,
pulls his body with his arms and gets around rather quickly.
We laugh because he figured out how to get around without crawling
and remind him he's cheating. lol

He loves his veggies over fruits,
ADORES his big bro and sis,
will laugh hysterically whenever they act silly;
mainly takes cat naps and on good days will nap 1.5 - 2+hrs,
still NOT sleeping through the night, 5ish hours at a time,
finds no issue in waking up really early, chatting it up 
and making me smile, eyes half open.

Any sleeping tips greatly appreciated :)


After church we came home and gobbled up a lunch of ham/turkey sandwiches,
chips, fruit and cake.

Sis had bought him a new swimsuit 
which of course she couldn't wait for him to try on.
My older 2 got new swimwear as well but
my daughter, being the girl she is, HAD to wear hers,
 for most of the evening
and a day or two after(limited occasions), 
even with no swimming on the horizon, due to weird changes.

After about the third day, I was like 
'um, put some REAL clothes on' hahaha


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