You guys,
THIS is a proud moment right here!
A VEEEEERY proud moment!

I completed my first clothing redo
in over 7 months !!!

I mean it's not like I haven't sewn at all,
I've worked on hemming different pants for hubby,
other clothing/items for friends, my kids(here, here),
and a few minor adjustments to some of my own things.

This though, 

updating vintage blouse, 80's blouse redo, thrifted vintage

Which for those of you who waited patiently,
while I posted lots of baby related things
or were bored while I posted lots of baby related things, hahaha
 for holding on!

Truth be told, 
I began a redo months ago.

I worked tirelessly,
 for hours I DIDN'T have to spare, 
sacrificing much needed free time to get it done;
to end in a disastrous, 
HUGE fail of an attempt.

I really shouldn't have taken on such a big job.
It was a dress I hoped to wear for Easter
but ended up being a heap of
"I don't know what to do with you" fabric.

Maybe that's the lesson:
To consider circumstances, current situation/status,
availability, setting realistic expectations and making an honest ability-evaluation;
COUNTING the cost.
28 "But don't begin until you count the cost.
For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost..."
 Luke 14:28NLT

I had to accept I wasn't going to win with that redo,
no matter how long I worked on it.
Continuing to work on it only frustrated me to no end 
and reduced me to defeat.
I've got too much invested to settle for failure,
I'll conquer this, one way or another!!


Anyhow, I'm thrilled to say I completed this redo!
I worked long hours while baby napped and kiddos were occupied
and later on while everyone slept.

Blouse: thrifted $1.00

Blouse came with a sash but I set it aside for future use.
I purchased this blouse months ago when looking for clothes that would fit.
I loved the colors and pattern; I didn't mind the collar either.

It was too big and too hot to wear as is.
I knew I wouldn't be able to get to it soon
or be brave enough to attempt a redo, again.

I reasoned that it was JUST a blouse with minor issues, 
and I could totally tackle this with NO problems.
For the most part that was true.

L. I started from the back and removed the folded collar.
R. Removing the collar opened up the neck area nicely.

L. I opened the blouse and matched shoulder seams.
Then brought one seam-less side to opposite side/folding over.
R. Pinned and cut at an angle.

L. I removed pins, opened up collar area, trimmed where needed
 and pinned new collar down.
R. Sewed new neck.

FYI I decided to remove the buttons and add some different ones.

L. My sewing companions :)
R. I used my favorite blouse, a $0.99 cent thrift find,  as a guide for the body.

L. I pinned along the edges
R. and the sleeves

L. I used a purple marker to mark along the inside of pinned area, 
removed pins as I sewed on line and then cut excess.
R. I then sewed the edges so they wouldn't unravel.

That would have been it
but I didn't check the temp on the iron and began to iron/BURN my blouse.
Thankfully it was towards the bottom and I was able to save it
by removing a few inches and sewing a new hem.

I removed the label and am able to wear it both ways!

Back/New buttons
I chose not to create a new button hole where one had been.
During the collar process it got cut into and folded under.
Instead, I sewed the top button right where it would have come through.

Weird footing makes it a tad wonky hahaha
 Maxi skirt:Walmart/ belt:thrifted/ 

wedges & ring: Old Navy clearance/ peacock necklace & bangle: flea market
(I hope you will all forgive the photo switch,
I disliked the previous photo immensely. 
I literally re-shot it. HAD TO.
I looked so matronly.
 I believe it was the sun in my face causing me to squint somewhat,
yep, I'll go with that.
Even though, I am an "older" married woman,
I don't feel "old"and this is a better depiction of my true, non-matronly self)

I'm so happy with the results
and equally excited to add clothing redos again.

I'm pacing myself of course,
sewing meltdowns are not pretty hahaha


FYI just celebrated baby's 7 months!
Pics up soon.


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