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A few weeks ago I worked on hubby's new work/church pants,
black denim and slacks;
and a few more I just finished. Sigh.
Although I initially got my Brother machine for that very purpose,
10ish years ago,
it is the least creative type of sewing I do.

This one time,
something fun came out of it!

This is one of the original hems from his dress pants
and an old zipper I had replaced.
T. I cut out about 2 inches from the seam, 
can't remember why, 
it made sense at the time,
 I forbid you to do otherwise haha JK
B. I removed the old threads keeping it together and opened it up.
I did my best to avoid the serged portion(the lower portion with stitching).
L. I then folded back over, tucked in the cut edge, including the ends and pinned.
R. I sewed all the edges.
L. I started with the left side and folded over to the right and slightly diagonal about 2 inches.
C. Layered underneath to the left of it and a smaller width.
R. Continuing to layer underneath in a descending manner 
and pinning along the way.
Layering complete
L. I used a needle and thread to sew hidden stitches, starting from the top.
I made sure to double check my work so that I wouldn't actually grab the material
all the way through, just the first layer of material from each tier.
R. Sewing complete.

TIP: To make this look more polished 
you could hot glue or fabric glue a piece of felt to the back of it.
Before adding the zipper, I sewed a vertical line on the left side
so that it would be similar to the right.
Then find the center of each by folding both in half and placing
OPTIONAL: You can face the zipper downward like I did
or in the opposite direction.
I liked having both straight edges combined.
I used the same needle and thread and sewed together.

I found some black sheer ribbon, seared the ends (burned with stove flame),
folded horizontally, sewed on my machine and then with the needle onto the zipper ends.

It seems like a lot of steps but it was easy
and absolutely free to me, so why not.

Think of all the colors you could mix and match,
using old zippers from jackets or zipper hoodies
and some scrap hems.

Of course I wasn't going to leave you without showing you how I wore it!
What kind of girl would I be?
Army green tank: Kohl's clearance/ Black cami(turned inside out), skirt & wedges: Thrifted/
Earrings: Old Navy(3pack)/ Bangles & band: gift/ Leopard belt: Flea market find
I turned the camisole inside out so that I could wear the matte side
vs. the sheen.

There you have it,
my free necklace!


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