I'm so thrilled to do creative things again.

Growing a baby inside your tummy,
carrying said baby 9+ months,
delivering baby and living life wonderfully different,
are all amazing things,
but creative on the Lord's part.
HE's the one who gets credit for knitting you and I in our mother's womb,
I'm just a willing and able vessel.


after being creative with my maternity wardrobe,
both out of need and creative fulfillment;
then pretty much nothing as I joyfully focused on my little one,
have really enjoyed the fun, creative, anything, that's been flooding my brain!


Most recently, this opportunity to bless my good friend AE
with a homemade baby gift.
(skip to squares)


Maybe someone is struggling with a situation,
an outcome unprepared for and fear has set in.
It's something she dealt with herself.
I pray her story encourages you.
//She's allowed me the privileged to share with you,//
her sentiments are expressed after the redo.

AE recently had a baby of her own,
a true miracle; born months after I delivered.
She and hubby had taken precautions against more babies,
at least until their two little ones got a bit older...
 had more money,
 could stay home,
get a bigger car,
you know, all the things most people worry about
and try to plan for.

*It turned out by utter surprise,
like a growing number of women have experienced;
 that she was pregnant.
Pregnant WHILE under the care of a specific type of precautionary method.
A method claimed to be more effective than most other's.

It was a concerning time,
 baby's well being, mom's,
What would be the outcome?
The Lord knew what he was doing in this situation,
so we prayed and believed for his will.

He provided them peace and comfort in the uncertain
 and when mom and baby were doing well,
much needed relief.
 Even her long time desire of staying home was fulfilled!
Due to her complicated deliveries,
decided this baby would definitely be their last,
(unless God does/says otherwise)
prompting them to hold off on knowing the gender
and having the continued element of surprise lol

That would have killed me!
Ok Not really, but not knowing, BOY or GIRL
would have been difficult for me.

She's such a trooper,
gentle in spirit, kind, a great listener,
patient, beautiful...I could go on.
She took it in stride and was eagerly awaiting the birth of baby.
Doc let it slip,
nurse let it slip.
They tried to nicely play it off,
but she knew.
At least it was closer to her delivery date.

When she shared with me what baby was,
I KNEW I wanted to make her some squares too,
but to be on the safe side, waited until after her delivery.

Here is how I completed 1 of 2 squares I made baby C,
a beautiful baby girl :)


Bed sheets.
 I loved the quirky, colorful animals and decided
to use two birds to represent a mama & her baby.

I cut a 38 x 38 inch square out of the polka dot sheet.
I sewed the edges, like here, then folded in thirds vertically
and in thirds horizontally.
This allowed me to place the birds in the actual center of the square.
I then placed a pin at each edge so I would know when opened,
where the center square was.

After carefully cutting out birds from the sheet,
placed them where I wanted and pinned down.

I used threads in matching colors where possible and 
stitched with #2 setting until I was done.
That's it!

I gave her this square, a second I made in mixed patterns
and a few other baby items.

When baby M and baby C get older,
they can tie the squares around their necks
and be the cutest super hero/heroine EVER!


*AE's sentiments on her unexpected pregnancy:
"I felt shocked that it happened, confused about how it could happen.
I was fearful of what was going to or could happen.
I Googled possibilities and became more fearful.
Then, there was a point where I put it in God's hands
and knew whatever outcome, it would be ok and there would be a purpose.
He made us the exception in several ways
and gave us one of our biggest blessings of our lives."


She said it the best,
"I put it in God's hands... {He}gave us one of our biggest blessings of our lives"

Trust the Lord,
he has what you need!


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