Monday, October 3, 2011 at 9:18pm

I had a great week, weekend, but a not so desirable Friday afternoon :/

Since this IS my own post and I AM a human being, far from perfection, I'd like to share.

This is not about any of my family, good friends or good acquaintances. SO....I can do some nameless VENTING lol I've not felt like this before but Friday got me shook up totally! WHY? The little ones at a playdate were SOOO aggressive with my kids AND played unfairly.  Having the upper hand, being on their home turf, in which my kids would undoubtedly be hit/hurt/damaged, had I not been there(THAT rarely happens too),  REALLY, REALLY IRK'd ME. I know my kids aren't perfect either but they understand what is acceptable behavior and really, to be polite to others. I've done this a few times now in hopes that it would be different. I regretted this invite from the beginning but thought I'd give it another chance. NOPE I WAS RIGHT the very 1st time!

fine print.   I know God allows us to face challenges/challenging situations for growth...I kind of failed at this  one situation.

MY kids come 1st! Enough said :)

1. A.C.'s Tank Blouse- $0 "FRIEND FIX" (something I'm going to start doing on OCCASION)

I was asked by my good pal A. C. to work on her top since it had torn. Although its not mine I did fix the top and added a little extra, so I'm giving myself credit for it as a REDO :)  

 I removed the bottom ruffle so that I could see what I had to work with.

It was a thin sheer material so I had to be careful how I fixed it. There wasn't any room for mistakes. I turned inside out, pinned both sides of tear together and stitched it. But since it would look weird with a seam on the left side, I pinned and continued the seam through to the right side starting/ ending it 2" from each side (exp. xx----------xx). I then reattached the ruffle where it had been which covered most of the new seam.

 I asked A.C. beforehand IF she was OK with me adding any fabric or ribbon if needed. 
She was a total trooper and let me do whatever I needed to. 
So....I used the leftover skirt pocket material from REDO #29. It was thin and all I needed to do was unstitch the pieces, separate them and round out the edges with the scissors. My desire was to cover the new seam entirely.

There were a total of 4 sides of black fabric, I used 3 and folded over into ruffles. I pinned and positioned them on opposite sides of original ruffle and as closely to it. I then added the last black ruffle right over the top ruffle. I made sure Amber OK'd it before sewing it.

AFTER! She's been at a Microsoft Convention...but I'm gonna have her model it when she gets back :)


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